Hazardous Area / Explosive Atmospheres

We have extensive experience of working in hazardous area locations to the requirements of BS5345, ATEX and DSEAR regulations, the requirements of the API code,or alternatively the Institute of Petroleum Electrical Safety Code and other statutory leglislation.

We carry out a range of work in this field having a number of staff trained in COMPEX and associated training such as zoning along with the majority of the company having the Petroleum Retail Safety Passport.  We regularly work at installations such as garage forecourts including annual licencing inspections to installation and maintenance of ‘EX’ equipment like spray booths in factories, to chemical plants and oil refinery locations and we also install static earthing and bonding systems for one client who manufacture the equipment.

We are also the only independent electrical service contractor carrying out work on land based drilling rigs in Great Britain working for the majority of drilling contractors.  As a specialist in this area we carry out regular inspection, installation and rig moves on drilling rigs throughout Britain and occasionally further afield and have had staff permanently on site 24hrs a day 365 days a year at the B.P. oilfield in Dorset.

We look after a number of drilling rigs both mechanical and diesel-electric driven utilising SCR speed drive systems, A.C. Drive systems and onsite generators and synchronising systems ranging upto 3MW, 1000HP D.C. Motors and specialist oilfield equipment such as Topdrive systems, Elmagco brakes and gas detection systems, ROSS HILL, IPS, BENTEC & BAYLOR SCR systems.

We have previously carried out complete refits of drilling rigs including the conversion of the SCR and motor control system from an offshore rig from the Gulf of Mexico onto an onshore rig in the UK, and have built numerous hardbanding machines, cuttings reinjection plant, generator control panels and power distribution and plugboard buildings etc for a number of clients.

To date we have carried out work as far afield as El-Salvador,Pakistan.  Since 2011 we have been supplying electrical staff to NABORS Drilling in Saudi Arabia and Dubai.