Planned Maintenance Services

In addition to the standard range of services we offer we also have a substantial range of specialist test instrumentation to assist with breakdowns and planned maintenance of production machinery:-

Thermography - we can carry out thermal imaging surveys of plant and equipment to identify faults and overheating before damage occurs.

Ducter testing - we can carry out maintenance to electrical switchgear and low ohmeter tests of busbar systems to manufacturers specifications.

Current injection testing - we can carry out primary current injection on circuit breakers in-situ upto 1500 amps rating to establish the actual tripping characteristics of a protective device.

Mains power surveys & harmonic analysis - we can carry out mains quality surveys including maximum loading, harmonic content, earth leakage etc

Cable location tests - using the CAT  tester we can carry out surveys of land and carparks etc to find buried service such as pipework and cables prior to digging potentially avoiding costly damage during construction work.

We can also carry out a number of condition monitoring tests on items such as motors to establish bearing faults etc. along with more general inspection such as fire alarm checks and emergency lighting inspections.