Portable Appliance Testing

Portable electrical equipment is recommended to be periodically inspected & tested to ensure safe operation to the user.

Standard inspections consist of compiling an asset register for each site detailing appliance type, make model & serial number followed by relevant tests as follows:-

Full visual inspection for physical damage including the appliance casing & power cord and checks to ensure the appliance is suitable for the environment it is being used in and free from burning and excessive wear.

Tests are then carried out to include where relevant,  earth continuity, insulation resistance, load & operation, earth leakage, microwave leakage and RCD operation.

Unique I.D. numbers are given to all items and following a satisfactory test pass stickers are fitted to the appliance.  Any minor repairs are generally carried out free of charge within the test.

All test results are stored and compiled on computer and used to produce written reports. giving full test result details and written recommendations where necessary.

We generally recommend that equipment is tested at the following intervals:-

6 Monthly - Workshops & harsh environments, equipment likely to suffer damage.

1 Yearly -    General office equipment with little chance of damage.

3 Yearly -    Computer / I.T. equipment.

We carry out this service nationally in all environments on single sites to multi site shop chains.