Site Electrical Distribution Panels & Equipment

We manufacture a number of electrical distribution system items for various clients in a variety of styles and one-off designs, for example we regularly manufacture portable electrical distribution stands predominantly used on construction sites, for temporary installations and rented out or sold with generator packages.

We have also manufactured a number of larger versions of this equipment, usually in containerised form used as the main switchgear for larger installations whether permanent or temporary, a number of these units we have manufactured in the past are for the onshore oil & gas drilling industry where they are used to run the whole rig and all associated cabins.

We are able to build standard models and one offs for virtually any type of installation and use, these can include lighting controls, contactors, motor starters and energy monitoring equipment where required.  Portable stands are usually built to be rigged up and moved quickly and transported by forklift or in some cases lighter wheeled versions are possible that can be moved manually.

We have previously designed and built larger containerised versions which have contained the complete electrical distribution system with switchgear and complete motor control centers along with plugboard - available in virtually any voltage for use in the UK or to other voltages and standards for use in the US and Canada or the Middle East.

We have the fabrication and assembly facilities to design and manufacture vrrtually and portable stand or containerised equipment, and we can install machinery into the containers where required.  We are able to build a suitable system for you from your own plans or design one from scratch.