Specialist projects from Clients Designs

In addition to our standard range of services we can also carry out more specialist installations to clients plans and instructions.

For example we are presently engaged in a project with one of our customers to build and service water drilling equipment for the Ministry of Defence.

We were contacted and issued with basic electrical plans for the control system for a range of drilling rigs to be deployed in war zones to provide fresh water supplies to the British troops.  

Along with our clients mechanics and design engineers we built and commissioned the electrical control system for the rig and tied it into the engine management, sensors and hydraulic system.  This project required our staff to quickly learn the operating software system for the logic controller chosen by the MOD and assemble the components to the stringent MOD quality requirements.

With the start of the 2003 Iraq war the completion date for the work was brought forward and there are presently a number of units operating successfully in the harsh conditions of Afghanistan and Iraq.